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Friends, readers & supporters of PTE Study Group and PTE Real Exam Question Bank. I am very glad to present you the 100% authentic PTE Real Exam Question Bank.

What is PTE Real Exam Question Bank?

It is a large collection of structured, easy to practice exam formatted, 100% authentic PTE real exam online question bank for practicing and getting your desired score in your next PTE exam. Each question is verified and has got a very high chance of
repeating in your next PTE exam.

The aim of Question Bank is to make you get more confident and ready for your next PTE exam to help you achieve your desired score.

The Process of collecting Real Exam Questions

All these questions are based on memory and reported & verified by PTE students like you. Once any question is verified by multiple students then only it is included in Real exam question bank or else these are stored in Practice question folders.

Why should you Buy/Subscribe to PTE Real Exam Question Bank?

  1. Makes it easier for you to get your desired score
    It will greatly increase your chances to get your desired score in your next PTE exam. Not only does real exam questions bank can help you with practice, but also many of them may repeat in your exam. You will be more confident in the exam hall. One good thing about PTE is that they have limited question sets and that’s why they keep repeating same questions with certain permutation and combination software algorithms. If you have given PTE test more than once then you may have realized that some questions have repeated from the last test.
  2. 100% Authentic Questions
    I have invested a considerable amount of time and resources to collect and validate each question for its authenticity. To make sure that, what you are getting is 100% real exam questions. The whole process of verification is very time taking and costly process. That is why many providers simply provide any question they find on Google. If you have already bought one of these from a different provider, then you must know what I am talking about. They just try to lure you with their fancy website and showing you a large number of questions in their questions which most of them are FAKE QUESTIONS. If you do not trust me then you can buy any of these and try validating it yourself. Bottom-line is most of them have a mix of real and fake questions. But what you get from me is 100% authentic questions.
  3. Exam format for easy practice
    Almost all the other providers have questions and answers on the same page. They have got what I call “memorize the question-answer format.” It makes it them very difficult to practice them. But I was also a PTE student like you and I know it becomes quite difficult to practice questions in such format. As you can’t memorize 1400-1600 questions overnight. However, my question bank has, what I call “exam format for easy practice.” Questions are separate and answers are given separately. So that, you don’t need to memorize it. If you practice it a couple of times, you can easily recall them in your exam.
  4. Lifetime access with an unlimited update.
  5. Access to other practice materials.
  6. Lowest price guaranteed.
  7. Constant Support.
  8. Trusted by many students and got 79+ each.

FAQS About PTE Real Exam Question Bank

General Queries

1) Are these questions really from real exam questions? what is the guarantee?
Yes, each of these questions is 100% authentic PTE real exam questions. Each question is verified and has got very high chances of repeating in your next PTE exam.

2) What is the number of questions that the question bank has for each section?
I keep updating and numbers keep changing. Please check the subscribe page to find the latest figure.

3) What percentage or how many questions may come up in my next exam?
The best figure that students have reported in recent past is 40% of question came from this question bank. Other have reported 10-15 questions. Also, some have even reported 4-5 questions. It depends on your luck as well.

4) Do older question repeats?
Yes, it always repeats.

5) Do all of these have answers?
Almost all of them have answers. For instance, all reading sections have answers in a separate doc file. However, sections like describe image have got script/template answer which fit into all the questions as these types of questions do not have specific answers.

6) Can your question bank help to get 79+ each score?
Yes, it will greatly help you as it has helped hundreds of students to get 79+ each PTE score. However, to be honest, if you just rely on memorizing these question and expecting to get 79+ then you are mistaken. Consider these questions as  one of your exam resource. There are two other factors which you will need to get your desired score. These are confidence and practice. Resources + Confidence + Practice = Your Desired score. With the Real Exam Question Bank, you can do practice with question from real that has higher chances of coming in your next PTE exam. The more practice you do, the more confident you will get and more likely that you will crack the PTE exam.

New Update Queries

1) How often is it updated?
There is no specific timeframe for updates. It is updated when a new question is reported and verified by students.

2) What about new questions? How will I get new updates?
When I update new question in Google Drive. It gets automatically delivered and updated to all the subscribers.

3) PTE has updated their software last week\month; do you have those new questions?
I add them as soon as I find them. See, it really doesn’t matter how often PTE update their questions. As you will get a mix of questions from entire question database. See what happens, when you sit for any PTE exam, the question paper set that you get for that exam is created through special software program algorithms which randomly selects multiple questions from the entire set of their question bank. In other words, when you sit for an exam next time, you may get a mix of questions from 2014-2018. So don’t worry about the software updates.


1) How I will receive it?
It is shared through Google Drive. That you can access via any device. You need to provide your Gmail ID.

2) Can I access it from multiple devices?
Yes, you can access it from any device or any OS. Like Mobile, Laptop, IPad or Windows (PC), MAC, Android, IOS.

3) Can I download or print it?
Sorry, it cannot be downloaded or printed. I think you know why?

4) Is there any validity time limit after purchase?
No, you will get access for the lifetime with an unlimited number of updates.

5) Is it a PDF file?
No, it’s in Google Docs and Google Slides format. Delivered through Google Drive. That you can access via any device.

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Cheers, To Your Success!

PTE Question Bank Team