Get PTE Academic Test Discount Vouchers

Get PTE Academic Test Discount Vouchers

PTE Academic test costs fortune to international students in Australia. $330/- per test is like 2-3 days worth of full-time job earnings. Moreover, most of the students struggle to get their desired score in one-shot and often end up giving PTE test 10-15 times before they get 65+ or 79+ each band. This may hit pretty hard blows onto their belly. Hence discount vouchers provided by various websites, mostly education consultancy, may soothe their pain a bit. Here I have tried to compile various sources which may provide $23 to $33 discounts per test.

Unfortunately, some of the websites have stopped providing discount vouchers as they claim, “The Voucher Seller Program has been temporarily terminated by Pearson, Australia.”  However, I believe that the real reason why they suspended their voucher scheme is that, it wasn’t getting them enough potential leads for their business. See, the reason why they give you $33 for free is a part of their marketing campaign to get more leads, who eventually may take up their other services like education and migration consulting services and make up for that $33 loss. But most of the leads were repeated test takers, who were not taking up their any other services or simply fooling them by giving false contact details. So in a nutshell, this marketing campaign was only bleeding their money instead of increasing their revenue. That’s why a few months ago before closing down this Voucher campaign, Aussizz group tried one last time with a new policy of “one voucher per student.” But this didn’t work as well, as there are many workarounds to that like you can book with the help of your friends and family. Ultimately three of the biggest discount voucher providers closed down their campaign citing official reasons, which might be true but I haven’t found the official declaration yet.

Fortunately, there are still some of the websites that are providing discount coupons/vouchers or at least they claimed to be on their site. I personally request you, before buying any vouchers, you should go through these websites and talk to them over the phone before booking, to save yourself from the hassle of refunds, just in case if they have also terminated their voucher program and didn’t update their website yet.

Disclaimer: Please note that the aim of this post is to provide a list of websites that provides PTE discount vouchers. But before you book from any of the following websites, please note that I do not take any responsibility for any monetary loss in any circumstances or give any sort of guarantee that you may get a discount coupon. Also, I do not have any sort of affiliate ties with these websites. This post is written only for providing helpful information on PTE Vouchers.

(Personal note: I have to state disclaimer as I live in Australia and you may never know when and who will sue you for your act of kind help. Seriously.)

In Australia
A) Websites that are still providing Vouchers or haven’t mentioned about suspension yet

  1. ($33 off) by PTE Experts
  2. ($33 off) by Kandel Consultancy
  3. ($33 off) by Asia Pacific Education
  4. ($33 off) by StudyNet

B) Suspended or Out of Stock –

  1.  ($33 Off) by Aussizz group (Suspended Voucher program)
  2. ($33 Off) by AECC Global (Suspended Voucher program)
  3. ($33 Off) by Asia Pacific Group(Suspended Voucher program)
  4. ($23 off, Out of stock) by Expert Education
  5. by Right and Associates(Suspended Voucher program)

In India –

  1., Get Rs.1401 Off On Pte Exam Booking India Wide by Aussizz Group.
  2. by PTE Coupons (Out of Stock)
  3. by PTE Voucher Code (Not available at the moment)

PS: For other countries, I haven’t find it yet.

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