Proven 6 Steps Action Plan to Prepare Your PTE Exam for Getting 79 or 8 Band Each

The difference between 8 band and 6 or 7 band in PTE is –

  1. Strong Dedication
  2. Unwavering Perseverance
  3. and Consistent Daily Practice

Practicing daily is the single most important factor to boost your confidence and your ability to get 8 band each (I still prefer to call 8 band over 79). There are many other variables but to keep it simple, I will only focus on the most crucial one, “The Daily Practice.”

I have designed following proven action plan which works in following way –

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Actual Test

If you have never given the test or taken any PTE coaching then you can familiarize yourself with what are test items are there in real test from –

  2. In this link, there are various PDFs and a link for Offline practice test as well, download them and go through it.
  3. Once you have clear idea about what are the different items of test are there, then you can search YouTube for tips on each test item and learn the tips and tricks. If you ask me, I would say, you do not need to go to any coaching centre, if you are disciplined enough to learn by self through YouTube as all the tips and tricks are there. All you need to do is practice it daily.

Step 2:  Assess Where You Stand

You can give a real test or best way to assess your current level of skill is through scored practice test at, it’s 2-3 times more difficult than real test and if you can score 70-75 in this test then you can easily score 79 or 8 in real test.

Step 3:  Develop Your Language Skill

In PTE, you need to develop of English language proficiency skills in following areas  –

a. Speaking Skill– Make a habit of speaking in English in your day-to-day life. You can even make a pact with your friends that till the time you will achieve your desired scores, you will only communicate in English. This will help you to improve your fluency and ability to think and talk in any given subject or topic in test.

b. Reading Skill – Another important skill that you need to master is your reading and comprehension speed, which is how fast you can read and understand the text. For this, you need to develop a habit of reading academic articles. You can read at least 1-2 articles daily from following and try to understand it –

These two sites are good enough to develop reading habit of academic articles.

c. Vocabulary  – For reading section, vocabulary is very important. If you can’t understand the meaning of certain word then chances are you may make lots of mistake in test and lose the opportunity of getting 8 band in reading. For that, when you read any academic articles and you come across any word that you are unfamiliar with then go to Google and search for its meaning and usage and try to remember its meaning and spelling. Following links may help you to develop your vocabulary.

d. Spelling – If you make spelling mistakes in test then chances are you will not score 8 band each. As there is 2 mark for spelling in each section and if you make more than one spelling mistake then you will get zero in spelling and your score will go down. Therefore, consciously try to remember the spellings of words every time you read the article or write the essays. Try to write essays in notepad instead of MS Word file. Following links may help you to develop your spelling.

e. Grammar – Grammar skills will greatly help you in all the 4 sections of PTE. You can improve it by learning 5-6 new grammar rules daily till the time you get 8 band each. Best place to learn grammar is YouTube-

f. Collocations, Phrases and Idioms – Improving this will help you in reading. Specially, in both the fill-in-the blank sections. Learn at least 5-6 new one of these daily until you get 8 band each. Here are some of the resources for improving collocations –

You can Google and keep adding to this list, resources are freely available online but only thing you need is willingness to learn and take action.

g. Listening – It is another tricky section, where if you don’t have habit of listening or watching to English talks then you may find it difficult to score. You can improve this skill by daily listening one or two video of You can find it at

h. Writing – Writing skill will only improve if you write daily. Try writing daily one essay on following topics –

i. Practice Offline Tests – Apart from these you can practice offline practices tests, there are 12 offline practice test available in market, you can buy them or ask your friends to give it to you.

j. Practice from Real Exam Question Bank – This not only helps in your practice, but also if you are lucky some of the same questions may come in your exam.

Step 4: Re-Assess Your Skills

Once you start practicing daily. Every 15-20 days give one scored practice test at It is better than wasting your money on real test. As these practice test can give the accurate level of your skills. Once you start scoring more than 70 in each band then you can book for real test.

Step 5: Practice Daily

Keep doing these things daily until you get your desired score. There are no shortcuts. If you are dedicated and work hard daily, sooner you will achieve your goal.

Step 6: Final Test

Just one day before the real test, give one practice test at This really helps a lot. If you get very low marks in practice test, then don’t worry, you can still score 90 in each band. I have seen many of our friends who got 55 overall in practice test, just one day before real exam and next day in real exam they got 8 band each. So, don’t get demotivated with practice test scores.

  • Revise ideas for essays.
  • Revise Structures, scripts, and templates (If you are following any).
  • Relax and think positive.
  • Say positive affirmations before exams.

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All the best

PTE Question Bank Team