PTE Last Minute Test Preparation Tips To Score 79+ Each



This is Venkat. How r u?

Tomorrow I have PTE exam. Can u plz help? Any suggestions for me?

Thank you


Melbourne, Australia

Hi Venkat,

How are you?

Regarding your query for your test tomorrow. Although, it’s too late for me to give you any detailed tips on how to prepare for PTE. However, there are few last minute PTE test preparation things which you can consider for tomorrow’s test.

1) One day before the PTE Real Exam

  • Give one mock test today (
    • Go to the official mock test of PTE and buy a test and give it today in your laptop with a seriousness of test hall.
    • Don’t take it as fun. Give it like a real exam.
    • You will instantly get your mock test scores, after 10-15 minutes.
    • PTE mock tests are often quite difficult than real PTE tests. So, even if you get very less score in Mock test say 35, do not ever get demotivated. Cause, I have seen some of my students have scored 79+ each even after scoring 35-50 overall in their mock test. So just relax.
    • PTE mock test is best one thing you can do just 1 or 2 days before the real exam. As it will make you go through similar test situation and next day you will be more prepared for the real test.
  • Revise all the templates, scripts and essay ideas. If you have bought my Real Exam PTE Question Bank then try revising from there or if you have your own then do make use of it.

2) 15 minutes before the PTE Real Exam
(Arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the exam time.)

  • Carry self-confidence in test hall.
    • One of the most important thing that can break it or make it for you, is your self-confidence. Often, in nervousness we make silly mistakes and in PTE test, you can’t afford to do that, as even if you score 78 and miss by 1 point then you again have to give whole test again and waste $330.
    • So, have confidence, just believe that you can do it.
    • One way of getting confident is to fake it until you make it. Just think that you have prepared very well and you are going to get your desired score today.
  • Go to toilet and relax.
  • Take couple of deep breaths before the exam.
  • If praying to God helps then do prayer.
  • At this point you can’t do much. All you can do is try to relax and set positive mindset to exubarate confidence.

3) While in test hall

  • Do not ever rush through the sections after sections and finish everything in 2 hrs. You will not get extra score for finishing your test early. But by rushing through your test, you will only make many silly mistakes like spelling mistakes, punctuation error, capital letters error, grammar mistakes, vocabulary (repeating same word again and again) etc.
  • Always keep sufficient time to revise in SWT, Essays, SST, WFD sections.
  • Also, do not try to spend too much time in any question if you are not getting the correct answer. Once time allocated for that question is over, just select the (feel good) answer and move on to next question. For example, in MCQS of reading I always tried to finish each question in 2.5 minutes. In my Real Exam Question bank, I have provided time allocation for each type of question. You can have a look at how much time you need to spend on each question and practice accordingly.
  • Take 10 minutes break during the exam and go to toilet. Some people like to finish test without taking break. But it’s up to you. I prefer taking 10 min break, splashing water on face to refresh myself. Don’t go far or outside the perimeter of test center.
  • One more important thing is, if you make any mistake then do not curse yourself or lose confidence. Cause even after making 10 mistakes you can score more than 80 score in each band. So don’t worry. However, if you get nervous then you may ruin your whole test.

Lastly, before exam Practice is very important and during exam confidence is the key to get 79+ in each band.

All the best

PTE Question Bank Team

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