PTE Last Minute Test Preparation Tips To Score 79+ Each



This is Venkat. How r u?

Tomorrow I have PTE exam. Can u plz help? Any suggestions for me?

Thank you


Melbourne, Australia

Hi Venkat,

How are you?

Regarding your query for your test tomorrow. Although, it’s too late for me to give you any detailed tips on how to prepare for PTE. However, there are few last minute PTE test preparation things which you can consider for tomorrow’s test.

1) One day before the PTE Real Exam

  • Give one mock test today (
    • Go to the official mock test of PTE and buy a test and give it today in your laptop with a seriousness of test hall.
    • Don’t take it as fun. Give it like a real exam.
    • You will instantly get your mock test scores, after 10-15 minutes.
    • PTE mock tests are often quite difficult than real PTE tests. So, even if you get very less score in Mock test say 35, do not ever get demotivated. Cause, I have seen some of my students have scored 79+ each even after scoring 35-50 overall in their mock test. So just relax.
    • PTE mock test is best one thing you can do just 1 or 2 days before the real exam. As it will make you go through similar test situation and next day you will be more prepared for the real test.
  • Revise all the templates, scripts and essay ideas. If you have bought my Real Exam PTE Question Bank then try revising from there or if you have your own then do make use of it.

2) 15 minutes before the PTE Real Exam
(Arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the exam time.)

  • Carry self-confidence in test hall.
    • One of the most important thing that can break it or make it for you, is your self-confidence. Often, in nervousness we make silly mistakes and in PTE test, you can’t afford to do that, as even if you score 78 and miss by 1 point then you again have to give whole test again and waste $330.
    • So, have confidence, just believe that you can do it.
    • One way of getting confident is to fake it until you make it. Just think that you have prepared very well and you are going to get your desired score today.
  • Go to toilet and relax.
  • Take couple of deep breaths before the exam.
  • If praying to God helps then do prayer.
  • At this point you can’t do much. All you can do is try to relax and set positive mindset to exubarate confidence.

3) While in test hall

  • Do not ever rush through the sections after sections and finish everything in 2 hrs. You will not get extra score for finishing your test early. But by rushing through your test, you will only make many silly mistakes like spelling mistakes, punctuation error, capital letters error, grammar mistakes, vocabulary (repeating same word again and again) etc.
  • Always keep sufficient time to revise in SWT, Essays, SST, WFD sections.
  • Also, do not try to spend too much time in any question if you are not getting the correct answer. Once time allocated for that question is over, just select the (feel good) answer and move on to next question. For example, in MCQS of reading I always tried to finish each question in 2.5 minutes. In my Real Exam Question bank, I have provided time allocation for each type of question. You can have a look at how much time you need to spend on each question and practice accordingly.
  • Take 10 minutes break during the exam and go to toilet. Some people like to finish test without taking break. But it’s up to you. I prefer taking 10 min break, splashing water on face to refresh myself. Don’t go far or outside the perimeter of test center.
  • One more important thing is, if you make any mistake then do not curse yourself or lose confidence. Cause even after making 10 mistakes you can score more than 80 score in each band. So don’t worry. However, if you get nervous then you may ruin your whole test.

Lastly, before exam Practice is very important and during exam confidence is the key to get 79+ in each band.

All the best

PTE Question Bank Team

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Before You Buy – Some Facts About PTE Real Exam Question Bank

Before you invest your hard earned money in buying one of these question banks. Please go through some of the little known facts about these PTE Real Exam Questions Bank and learn how effective they are? and from who you should really buy it?

Ever since Australian Universities and Immigration department started accepting PTE as an alternative test to IELTS for English proficiency, PTE got popular overnight (since late 2014) among students and skill immigrants. Mainly because of its impartial method of marking as it is marked by computer, not by some biased human who somehow hesitates to give more than 6 points in writing section even if you do Ph.D. in English language.

Since then so many PTE coaching and related business have erupted all over the world. One of the PTE business formats that have emerged since the dawn of 2017 is “PTE REAL exam question bank.” This business idea started taking shape due to the fact that PTE has limited test questions and they keep repeating same test questions with certain permutation and combination. If you have given PTE test more than once then you may have realized that some questions indeed does repeat.

Currently there are more than 10 Real exam question providers and some of them are getting pretty big and organized. Moreover, some of them are getting so aggressive in their approach that they have started ads to sell their product. Due to this increased competition, some even have started making false claims about their question bank which often misleads PTE students. Therefore, here I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that you should ask before buying these question banks.

1) In real, how effective are these Real Exam questions Banks? And how many percentage or chances it has got to come in my next PTE test?

2) Which providers has got the best and maximum number of real exam questions?

3) Which one should you really buy?

Question 1: In real, how effective are these Real Exam questions Banks? And how many percentage or chances it has got to come in my next PTE test?

Some sellers are claiming that more than 50% of their question bank may come in your next PTE test. Similarly, some are claiming that 3 in every 10 questions in PTE test may come from their test bank. Let me tell you straight away that these are just a marketing gimmicks to lure the uninformed students into buying their product.

Well, the truth is, no one can say it for sure or give any number or percentage on how many of them may come in your exam. Why so? Cause as per one estimate, Pearson group has got more than 700 test modules and each test module has got minimum 67 to maximum 89 questions and they keep adding new test question modules every 3-6 months. Even if you consider minimum question per test module then it comes whooping 46,900 questions (67 question per test x 700 total modules). And currently, in the market, there are around 900 real exam questions, which is like only 1.92% of total questions. So you can say you have around 2% of chances for any question to come in your test.

However, it depends on your luck as well. Some students have reported to me that they have got all questions from reading fill-in-the-blanks and some said they just got 2-3 or none. Likewise, same goes for other sections. But, even if you don’t get lucky, still these questions are a very good resource for practice. And the less known secret about cracking PTE exam to get 79+ each score is not real exam question or your luck but its three magic words, “Practice-Practice-Practice.” I have written more on how you can practice for PTE exam here>> you will get all the free resources and proven action plan there.

Question 2: Which providers has got the best and maximum number of real exam questions?

Quick fact check – the term “PTE Real Exam question bank” was first coined by me and now it is being used by almost everyone 😉

Currently, there are more than 10 Real exam question bank providers and I can understand it’s very difficult for anyone to choose between so many choices. The paradox of too many Choices. I will give certain criteria or testing parameters, which may help you to make your mind to find the right match for you.

2.1 How many questions they have?

Well, currently the top 5 providers have more or less 95% of the similar content. I know some students who have bought from all top 5 providers with a hope that they will get different questions but the fact is that once one question is out in the market, same question get circulated and updated in all the questions banks. It really doesn’t matter who you choose as everyone has got same questions. So you can choose any provider from this parameter.

2.2 How often do they update their questions?

Almost all of them update their question bank regularly due to cut-throat competition in this small niche segment. So again you can choose any provider from this parameter.

2.3 How easy is it to access their question bank from any device?

Access from Multiple Device:
This is a very good parameter to decide from. You should choose the question bank provider which gives flexibility of accessing it from multiple devices like; Mobile, Laptop, and IPad etc. There are some providers who allow you to access it from only one device and some of them don’t even let you take screenshots. That is kind of a bummer for me as you can’t carry one device all the time. So choose your question bank provider wisely. (I think by now you know that none of the providers allows you to download or take print out due to tough competition.)

The Question Format:
Almost 99% of new question bank provider has simply copy-pasted from older providers and didn’t spend much time on its format and user experience (UX)/usability. For instance, they provide reading fill-in-the-blanks questions with answers in them. They didn’t put effort to separate the answers from questions. So, it becomes quite difficult to practice with such resources as you can’t memorize every single word of it. Just for your knowledge, I am the only provider who provides questions and answers separately with simple to read UX (doing marketing here ;).

2.4 The price factor

Next best parameter is who is providing at the lowest price. As almost everyone has got the similar questions and if you can access it from multiple devices and has got decent usability format then the price could be the only determining factor remains. You will be amazed to know that one of the real exam question provider sells it at $11,000 through one-to-one personal selling channel but the sad part is they also provide the same questions what a $150 or $160 provider provides. So don’t get influenced by deceptive marketing tactics.

Question 3: So finally, which one should you really buy?

I will not misguide you by saying I am the best and buy from me only. Instead I would suggest you that, you can buy from anyone but just keep all the aforementioned points in your mind before buying so that you do not have to waste your money on buying it again and again.

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All the best

PTE Question Bank Team

Proven 6 Steps Action Plan to Prepare Your PTE Exam for Getting 79 or 8 Band Each

The difference between 8 band and 6 or 7 band in PTE is –

  1. Strong Dedication
  2. Unwavering Perseverance
  3. and Consistent Daily Practice

Practicing daily is the single most important factor to boost your confidence and your ability to get 8 band each (I still prefer to call 8 band over 79). There are many other variables but to keep it simple, I will only focus on the most crucial one, “The Daily Practice.”

I have designed following proven action plan which works in following way –

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Actual Test

If you have never given the test or taken any PTE coaching then you can familiarize yourself with what are test items are there in real test from –

  2. In this link, there are various PDFs and a link for Offline practice test as well, download them and go through it.
  3. Once you have clear idea about what are the different items of test are there, then you can search YouTube for tips on each test item and learn the tips and tricks. If you ask me, I would say, you do not need to go to any coaching centre, if you are disciplined enough to learn by self through YouTube as all the tips and tricks are there. All you need to do is practice it daily.

Step 2:  Assess Where You Stand

You can give a real test or best way to assess your current level of skill is through scored practice test at, it’s 2-3 times more difficult than real test and if you can score 70-75 in this test then you can easily score 79 or 8 in real test.

Step 3:  Develop Your Language Skill

In PTE, you need to develop of English language proficiency skills in following areas  –

a. Speaking Skill– Make a habit of speaking in English in your day-to-day life. You can even make a pact with your friends that till the time you will achieve your desired scores, you will only communicate in English. This will help you to improve your fluency and ability to think and talk in any given subject or topic in test.

b. Reading Skill – Another important skill that you need to master is your reading and comprehension speed, which is how fast you can read and understand the text. For this, you need to develop a habit of reading academic articles. You can read at least 1-2 articles daily from following and try to understand it –

These two sites are good enough to develop reading habit of academic articles.

c. Vocabulary  – For reading section, vocabulary is very important. If you can’t understand the meaning of certain word then chances are you may make lots of mistake in test and lose the opportunity of getting 8 band in reading. For that, when you read any academic articles and you come across any word that you are unfamiliar with then go to Google and search for its meaning and usage and try to remember its meaning and spelling. Following links may help you to develop your vocabulary.

d. Spelling – If you make spelling mistakes in test then chances are you will not score 8 band each. As there is 2 mark for spelling in each section and if you make more than one spelling mistake then you will get zero in spelling and your score will go down. Therefore, consciously try to remember the spellings of words every time you read the article or write the essays. Try to write essays in notepad instead of MS Word file. Following links may help you to develop your spelling.

e. Grammar – Grammar skills will greatly help you in all the 4 sections of PTE. You can improve it by learning 5-6 new grammar rules daily till the time you get 8 band each. Best place to learn grammar is YouTube-

f. Collocations, Phrases and Idioms – Improving this will help you in reading. Specially, in both the fill-in-the blank sections. Learn at least 5-6 new one of these daily until you get 8 band each. Here are some of the resources for improving collocations –

You can Google and keep adding to this list, resources are freely available online but only thing you need is willingness to learn and take action.

g. Listening – It is another tricky section, where if you don’t have habit of listening or watching to English talks then you may find it difficult to score. You can improve this skill by daily listening one or two video of You can find it at

h. Writing – Writing skill will only improve if you write daily. Try writing daily one essay on following topics –

i. Practice Offline Tests – Apart from these you can practice offline practices tests, there are 12 offline practice test available in market, you can buy them or ask your friends to give it to you.

j. Practice from Real Exam Question Bank – This not only helps in your practice, but also if you are lucky some of the same questions may come in your exam.

Step 4: Re-Assess Your Skills

Once you start practicing daily. Every 15-20 days give one scored practice test at It is better than wasting your money on real test. As these practice test can give the accurate level of your skills. Once you start scoring more than 70 in each band then you can book for real test.

Step 5: Practice Daily

Keep doing these things daily until you get your desired score. There are no shortcuts. If you are dedicated and work hard daily, sooner you will achieve your goal.

Step 6: Final Test

Just one day before the real test, give one practice test at This really helps a lot. If you get very low marks in practice test, then don’t worry, you can still score 90 in each band. I have seen many of our friends who got 55 overall in practice test, just one day before real exam and next day in real exam they got 8 band each. So, don’t get demotivated with practice test scores.

  • Revise ideas for essays.
  • Revise Structures, scripts, and templates (If you are following any).
  • Relax and think positive.
  • Say positive affirmations before exams.

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All the best

PTE Question Bank Team